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About me


Hi! Thanks for taking the time to stop by website. 

When I was nineteen, I made the decision to leave the confines of my small home town of Ararat and venture to the larger city of Ballarat. Initially, I felt intimidated by this city filled with strangers, but it did not take long before I settled down and made my home here—and I love it. I live here with my wonderfully supportive husband, and my two children who fill my heart with pride. 
I was in my early twenties when I considered writing as a career option. Strange that it took so long to get started given that the early signs were as obvious as neon flashing lights that writing would play an important part in my life. 

I’m an only child and most of my childhood days were filled with imagining faraway places and extraordinary people. My family and I would visit our holiday house in Lake Bolac, and whenever I was there, I would tuck myself away and write stories—fantasy stories. I still have one of those early stories; I was too young to articulate all the words, so in place of the words, I drew pictures. I also have vivid memories of lying on my Nana’s knee while she tucked my hair behind my ear and told me fabulous stories. They were fairytales, but not the usual kind. Hers were uniquely created and told; stories of Gremlocks stealing you away in the night, and mermaids who played havoc with the lives of sailors. She once told me her uncle saw a real mermaid—I can tell you that as a child, there was no greater flight of fancy. I credit her for being a writer now; my only wish is that she could still be here to see it. 

The story of The Aztec Saga actually came to me about eight years ago, while I was in the shower! Yes, it’s been a long time in the making, but I am stoked to have finalised the first book of this trilogy! ‘Derrek’ popped into my head as a fully developed character and said, ‘I’m The Aztec.’ As simply as that, the story was born. 
One Day is quite a different story for me as I don’t generally write in this genre. I have my best friend Alana (to whom I have dedicated the book) to thank for that. I was at a crossroads in my life and felt utterly lost. It was her words that not only helped me to choose a path, but ultimately gave me the inspiration for One Day. She said: “One day you’re going to die, which means one day you’re going to be lying there dying. And what do you want to be thinking about? ‘Gee I’m glad I worked overtime when I was twenty to buy that pair of shoes.’ Or maybe you’ll say ‘Yep, working nonstop to buy the flash house was worth never seeing my family.’ The truth is, you’ll be lying there wishing you’d seen what matters, you’ll be wishing you’d spent more time with friends and family and did what made you happy.” Even now, every decision I make is based on that. Alana is one of those rare people who is kind in every way just because she wants to be, not because she will benefit from it. I owe a lot to her, including One Day. 

A few years on from writing One Day, Breakfast With You came about. This was when I decided to create a pen name - Ella Stone and use that name for the genre of Australian Romantic Drama. 
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My first Author event was at the Portland (Vic) Library. You probably can't tell in this snap, but I was terrified! The nights leading up to the event I dreamed I forgot my characters names! 

Since then I have been on book tours, spoken at writer's groups, and mentored aspiring writers. I am blessed to be able to spend time with such interesting and talented people. 


The Nullarbor Roadhouse. 

Much of Hunted was written as we travelled the baron land of The Nullarbor. The motel Alexandra and Andy stayed in is based on an actual motel at Border Village. 

We were 'caravanning' across the Nullarbor when a cyclone hit Northern Australia, forcing their hot weather south towards us. The temperature hit 48 degrees (celsius) and we decided we had no option but to pack the van and head for a motel with air conditioning. 

The room was falling down around us. Tissues had been stuffed in cracks, stains covered the carpet, cutlery didn't match, and the linen was something to be desired. The heat was so tremendous phones had to be charged in the fridge!

This may sound horrendous, but remember that these places are literally days from any towns and tradesmen are non-existent. 

But it had air conditioning! And the food was (and still is) the most delicious food I've ever eaten. 

That night we swam in their pool at midnight, ate chips under the open night sky, and welcomed in the New Year on the border of South and Western Australia! Definitely an experience to remember.